What is indiablogs.org ?

Indiablogs.org is Global listing of indian bloggers based upon profession/field of work so if your are indian and have a blog ? Submit your blog & get listed

- The Website is simple Listing because it chooses to be like that,its non commercial website .. hope to carry forward from where anita bora left and promote social networking among indian bloggers drom different field of work

How do I go about submitting my blog ?

- Using the Submit link submit your blog to appropriate category, you can also recommend new category
- Before it can be included Your Blog is manually Reviewd
- Once your Blog accepted/ rejected you'll receive a email notification

How long before its included ?

Before your Blogs is accepted, it would be manually reviwed as non commercial website we depends on volunteer to manually visit your Blog and check the submission this woulddepends on avaibality of volunteers so could take any where between 24 hrs to 1 week ... so be patient and do not submit agin and again

in the mean time you can have a look at Link back options & support us by either a text/image link we really appreciate that

am i forced to linkback ?

indiablogs.org is not a reciprocal link exhcnage, so you are not forced to linkback, it is just recommended thing if you can we would really appreciate that but if you want to be all selfish and dont want to linkback its perfectly fine with us , we are nice people we would still gadly include your blog,

Why listing based upon profession/field of work? Why not location

Well probably it would not make any sense making an yet another listing based upon location, and as majority of Indian blogs aren't limited to specific topic all blog on various,diverse topics

Thus Listing based upon profession, I thought it would be interesting and it could also help in social networking´┐Ż build contacts.. ;-) wouldn't it be cool to know of Indian lawyer who blogs or a Indian reporter who blogs or find another CAT aspirant etc

Newbie just started blogging would you even consider my blog ?

Surely all Indian bloggers whichever part of the world they may be are invited to submit their blogs there no restriction for submissions it would be considered in all fairness without any bias.

Why don't you just have open submissions accept all blogs directly?

The main reason is we do not want to create a link farm, so here we have what's called human submitted human edited listing

Submitted blogs are accepted only after They manually Reviwed by volunteer by doing this we hope to create a niche listing of Indian bloggers from different walks of life

My Blog submission was rejected? That's unfair?

We do not guarantee that all submission would be accepted, but we do make sure that they would be considered in all fairness your blog is accepted only after is manually reviwed, if your blog is rejected you would receive email notification why it could not be included

Can I resubmit my blog after it was rejected once?

Yes ofcouse you can submit again for review, but we recommend please submit after a gap of 3 months

How can I become indiablogs.org volunteer ?

Indiablogs.org volunteers are people who wish to contribute toward promoting Indian blogosphere - if you been blogging for more then 2 years and well know among Indian blogosphere get in touch with me

Who to be blamed for this webiste ?

me i got this domain in 2004 but it never got done because of studies etc etc ...the fact the website is simple listing no hitech script and crawler or spiders.. or monstorus code coming to track your website ..

indiablogs.org its simple human submited human edited listing of indian bloggersi am happy to keep it that way.... so that with the help of other volunteers i can manage to keep it runing in long run